Six loops

Six, nine or twelve beautifully rendered loops.


Count-in, count-out, auto-fade, and record chaining, to keep your hands free


Overdub, to construct complex soundscapes from many layers

Merge tracks

Merge tracks by dragging one onto another

Variable length tracks

Tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat


Audio and visual metronome, in any time signature

Industry-standard MIDI support

Fully trainable MIDI control and MIDI clock send/receive


Import and export loops with your computer via iTunes


Integrated Audio Copy and Paste, and Audiobus support

Import loop fitting

Imported/pasted loops automatically scaled to fit the beat

Stereo audio

Full stereo audio, with per-track pan controls

Variable tempo controls

Live, dynamic tempo controls

Track time offsetting

Dynamic time shifting: Twist tracks to fix up timing


Full-featured noise gate and expander

Session recording

Record whole performances with in-app session recording


Share loops and session recordings via SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook

Loop effects

Live reverse and decay effects for loops


Save and restore sessions

Available on the App Store


With a host of industry-standard features, users of pro audio software like Ableton Live will not be disappointed.

Loopy’s clean, tactile interface keeps things simple until you need to get technical.

Loopy is Audiobus compatible: Live-loop any other Audiobus compatible app, or record Loopy in another Audiobus app!

See for details.

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